Crafting B2B stories can sometimes feel more like sawing off a slice of stale bread than cooking up a tasty piece of content with new ingredients to satiate your audience’s hunger for great content. You know the drill: the editorial calendar demands a new blog or infographic, so you set about trying to think of ways to reframe an old picture.

Unfortunately, just because content is new, it doesn’t always mean it’s fresh. Even the most compelling brand messages can become tired and overused. With that in mind, here are our top tips to reinvigorate your creative pipeline and keep your content juicy and appealing: 

Do make me laugh

Successful content must be valuable to your audience. Most B2B brands interpret “value” as either being useful or informative. Those are great things to be, but your content can also strike a chord with buyers and prospects simply by showing you understand their challenges in an entertaining way. So why not inject some fun into proceedings? 

Some people may be reluctant to try this approach, but it can be tremendously effective. With one video explaining its business in a funny way, Dollar Shave Club drove 12,000 new subscribers in 48 hours – quite something for a start-up! B2B organisations can use humour just as effectively to refresh tired brand stories and reel in new prospects; in fact, brands like Cisco and LogMeIn are already making great use of this tactic, especially via social media. 

Find a new perspective

It’s easy to become stuck in a content rut if your business always looks at its products or customer challenges in the same way. Finding a new perspective on a topic can revitalise your entire approach. For instance, there’s no doubt a lot has already been said about IT cabling in the B2B world, but CommScope managed to put a fresh spin on an old topic simply by looking at it from a rodent’s perspective. Similarly, Caterpillar created some great content by showing the manoeuvrability of their machines in an unusual setting, rather than the traditional focus on raw power.

Stay current

One great way to avoid reiterating the same tired messages is to tie your content into current trends and recent news. It needn’t necessarily be directly relevant to your industry – in fact, the best content is often created when it isn’t. For instance, Kit Kat jumped on the iPhone 4 "bendgate" fiasco with content that proudly announced: “we don't bend, we #break” – giving its brand engagement a huge lift on social media. By looking for discussion hooks in breaking news stories or emerging industry developments, you’ll find it much harder not to be creative.

What’s your approach to creating fresh B2B content? Are you brimming with creativity or struggling for inspiration? Let us know:

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