Delivering the right content at the right time can feel like an impossible task, and it’s something B2B organisations often struggle with. It’s all part of the ongoing pressure for marketers to successfully target their customers using the insight and data at their disposal. We all understand that there is a plethora of ways in which to do this, and that it can be a minefield to correctly formulate best execution. IP Marketing is one option, but it isn’t top of the list for many organisations in terms of their strategic approach.

Internet Protocol (IP) is a term often associated with the more tech-minded, but it is an increasingly popular method for targeting different customer groups with very specific content whilst improving the overall customer experience. In a nutshell, IP Marketing allows for focused internet advertising that’s based on a household’s/location’s IP address. And it’s become a common means to deliver content that matters.

Working with partners who own the demand-side platforms and IP register capabilities, IP Marketing enables a more dynamic way of delivering content to customers by carrying out a ‘reverse IP lookup’ which identifies visitors and provides information such as demographic, industry, company and location.

This isn’t as new a concept as you may think. The difference, in a similar way to Account Based Marketing (ABM), is that we’re applying a tool which has been around for some time but in a different way.

Alongside obvious website operating rules, your site can show more relevant information that will ultimately reduce the amount of time a visitor spends looking for the content they require and in theory improve the chances of them converting into a sale!

It helps if you have a fully optimised website that beats the socks off your competitors, but you’re doing that already right? Remember, time is now more precious than ever and people don’t have 15 minutes to find something online. They’ll give up and look somewhere else. Most likely they’ll turn to your competitors.

So there we have it, a quick overview of IP Marketing and how it can be used to improve your customer experience and get sales through the door far more efficiently. Should your company consider it? We’d say so. Will it help improve your website and its UX/UI capabilities? Yes. Should you drop us a line to talk about how you go about doing that? Definitely.

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